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Chapter By Chapter Summary Of Independence [JAMB Recommended Novel For UTME] In PDF

By Last Modified May 20, 2017
We promised you all that we will be uploading the Chapter By Chapter Summary of the Official JAMB Recommended Novel - In Dependence By Sarah Ladipo Mayinka as we did last year on The Last Days At Forcados High School. Yay finally here it is.
This is just the summary and not the full novel, due to the huge size of the novel we are sorry we cant provide the full novel online. Please bear with us.

Remember previously we gave a bit summary/overview on the novel last Month, we advise you to read the overview summary first here before going through the chapter by chapter summary.
We will also provide you all with questions and answers later on as time goes on.

NOTE: We have two versions of the summary, but we will be posting one version [Version 1], The other version is in PDF Follow the link below to download

Full Chapter By Chapter Summary Of Independence [JAMB Recommended Novel For UTME] By Sarah Ladipo Mayinka [Version 1]

Chapter One

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Tayo is the first Nigeria to receive a scholarship to study at Balliol College, Oxford. He visits his relatives in the village of Ibadan before travelling the next day to uncle kayode's house, another relative in Lagos.

On the day he sets to sail, his parents, headmaster, some of his teachers and other Lagos-based relatives stands at the Lagos port to bid him goodbye.

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Chapter Two

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Tayo describes his journey through the seas and the warm reception he gets at England in a letter to his father. He mentions his new friends at the college and explains in details his perception of things in his new environment.

His father replies promptly, giving him precise report on the state of affairs in the family and the country.

Chapter Three

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Mr. and Mrs. Barker, Tayo's older friends invites Tayo and Africans for a drink party in their home. There he formally meet Christine Arinze with whom he develops a casual relationship.

Chapter Four

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Vanessa attends a party with her friends. There, she meets Charlie and Mehul. She gets drunk and wakes up the next morning with a splitting headache. Vanessa takes up her pen to write an article for the school magazine but changes her mind to write to her friend Jane instead.

Chapter Five

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In attendance for the West Africa Society meeting is Tayo, his friends and other college students. After the meeting, he introduce himself to Vanessa Richardson who is also in attendance.
Inspite of being a trifle jealous of Tayo and Vanessa's chit, Christine invites him over to her place. She tells him about how she is struggling to maintain her academic excellence amongst other things. He console her and assures her that she will excel like she's always done.

Chapter Six

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Tayo and Vanessa goes for a walk in the direction of the meadows. They talk on various issues ranging from Malcolm X's visit to oxford to Tayo's father's duties during colonial admission as well as Vanessa's father and grandfather's involvement in colonial services.

They outrun each other to a country pub where they bought drinks. They leave early because two men spill their drinks and Vanessa declines Tayo's offer of another one.

Chapter Seven

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Vanessa goes back home for the Christmas holiday. She receive a not so warm welcome from her family as the atmosphere between her parents is strangely cold. At dinner, she has a misunderstanding with her father about his inviting apartheid friend to the Christmas party her African friends will also attend.

Chapter Eight

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Tayo arrives Aberleigh, Vanessa's home in London for the Christmas party. Aside from being mistaken for a servant by one of mr. Richardson's friend, everything else goes smoothly.

Vanessa visit Tayo in the room he is spending the night in. They talk briefly on the demeanor of her parents and Tayo discuss his mother at Vanessa's prompting.

Chapter Nine

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Tayo and Vanessa spend everyday of the week together and on Friday, she bring him daffodils to brighten up his room. Tayo shares one of his family photograph with Vanessa and the latter makes assessment of each member herself.

Vanessa on the other hand shares her worries about being on African correspondent considering her British lineage. Tayo reassures her that Africa needs good journalist; British or African can then pull her close for a dance.

Chapter Ten

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Tayo and Vanessa spends Easter in Paris' with Simon and Nima. Tayo gets his first writing journal from Vanessa where he documents their stay in Paris from the first day. There, they live the Bohemian life - all four of them. A day before the completion of their holiday, Tayo gets a telegram that Christine is dead. While Tayo grieves for her, he also blames himself for not being sensitive enough to her needs as a friend.

Chapter Eleven

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Vanessa and her family visits France to the Bastille holiday. Jane, Uncle Anthony, Mr and Mrs. Murdoch joins them in France. They engage in conflicting talks considering Uncle Anthony and Mr. Richardson's ever opposing views. Later that night, Jane confess to sleeping with Uncle Tony on their way home from the train station and Venessa also tells Jane about her relationship with Tayo.

Chapter Twelve

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Vanessa writes to Tayo describing the weather in France and expresses her opinion on the margery Perham's review he is working on. Tayo replies and fondly relates his experience so far in Bradford with his cousine Tunde where those who aren't on scholarship like him have to work long hours to make end meet.

Chapter Thirteen

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At Tunde's house in Brandford, London. Tunde and Yusuf decides to hold a party in honour of Gambia's independence. Yusuf and Tayo discuss the marriageability of either British or African women. The party is in full swing when Tayo finds himself pressing a lady to the wall. Suddenly he takes a punch to his jaw and a fight ensures.

A policeman arrives and takes them to the station for questioning.

Chapter Fourteen

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Tayo decides against telling Vanessa the truth about his chpped tooth which he gets as a result of the fight in Bradford. He attends Yusuf's wedding with Joy, where Vanessa later joins him. On their way back, Vanessa accuses Tayo of lying about his relationship with the late Christone. Tayo tries to cajole her from her outburst but Vanessa wouldn't have none of it, so he leaves her in the carriage.

Chapter Fifteen

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After their fight, Vanessa suggests they spend Christmas apart which Tayo promptly agrees to. He sets himself on a strict schedule and manages to survive alone until New Years Eve when he decides to make chicken stew. Vanessa walks in during his lousy attempt at cooking. They eventually settle their differences and spend the rest of the holiday together.

Chapter Sixteen

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The New Year brings Tayo's uncle, Kayode to England. Vanessa gets to meet one of his family members and they get on so well. They discuss various topics ranging from Tayo's sporting prowess to Annais Nin, a writer of erotica. Vanessa concludes that she'll love to meet the rest of Tayo's family with Uncle as loving as that.

Chapter Seventeen

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With a first-class degree and a graduate scholarship, Tayo gets a chance to speak at Bellamy Boy's School where Mr. Richardson works as a headmaster. His lecture is solely on Nigeria and it makes a big hit in the school.

Mr. Richardson invites Tayo to his office after his lecture and tells him on clear terms his views on Tayo's relationship with his daughter. Tayo returns to college sullen and Vanessa asks him what the matter is. He tells her father is not in support of their relationship to which Vanessa asks him to fight for them if he truely loves her.

Chapter Eighteen

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Tayo is back in Ibadan, Nigeria due to his father's critical illness. He tries unsuccessfully to write to Vanessa due to his incessant pleading for more details of Englad. While ruminating on what to tell Vanessa in his letter, Tayo is called outside his room to hear the news of unsuccessful coup to kill Ironsi.

This leads to unrest in some parts of the country but Tayo reassures the people, telling them not to panic.

Chapter Nineteen

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Tayo sends Vanessa a letter after a long while apologising for his long silence. He attributes it to his father's second heart attach, the coup d' etat and the civil war.

Vanessa leaves for Lagos after her exams, ignoring Tayo's telegram telling her not to visit yet.

After their loving reunion and Vanessa getting familliarized with the Lagos, Tayo tells Vanessa another woman is carrying his child. Vanessa, devastated, leaves.

Chapter Twenty

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1970 at Dakar, Semegal, Vanessa now works as a correspondent for Reuters. She makes friend with Salamatou a Senegalese who braids her hair and teaches her the local language, Wolof.

Salamatou asks her about her love life. She touches briefly on Tayo, explaining to her that she's since move on.

Chapter Twenty One

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In 1984, Tayo is a husband to Miriam and a father to Kemi. He is also an accomplished writer and a professor. One Sunday a month, they have lunch with friends at Yelwa club. There, they discuss various issues concerning the country and universities. After Lunch, Yusuf advises Tayo to limit the way he criticizes the government and Tayo tells him there's nothing to worry about.

Chapter Twenty Two

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Tayo recalls how nhe ends up with Marriam and Flips through Vanessa's diary that he keeps in his drawer. Kemi, his daughter catches him unawares and chides him that he works too hard. Eventually, father tells daughter a story and they are joined by Mariam before they all go to bed.

Chapter Twenty Three

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For the summer holiday, Tayo and his family decides to spend three weeks, Uncle Kayode's in Lagos his mother and other relatives in Ibadan. Despite Miriam's objection, Tayo visits an old man who serves Lord Lugard during his reign in Nigeria, instead of visting his mother in Ibadan.

On his return, he learns that his mother dies in a fatal accident while coming to Lagos to visit him and his family.

Chapter Twenty Four

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Six months after the death of Tayo's mother, the coup to overthrow the democratic rulers by the millitary takes place successfully. The people's optimism quickly dies out when the millitary administration proves to be the as corrupt as the preceding rulers and this leads to lots of unrest and protests.

Admist the unrest, Miriam advises that they leaves Nigeria for England but Tayo objects claiming his loyalty to his country and wouldn't let him.

Chapter Twenty Five

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In 1990, Tayo's hopes for improved educational system is dashed when a foundation that promises to help provides only second-hand books and old software programmes that can't be used due to lack of computers. Miriam and Kemi leave for England the previous year.

Chapter Twenty Six

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In 1994, Tayo on his way back from his office meets soldiers who has mount up road blocks in order to inspect citizens or collect bribes. Tayo is surprised they do not ask him for money but instead they take him to the barracks for questioning. He is severely beaten and ask to stop his critical writing against the government.

Chapter Twenty Seven

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Tayo meets vanessa for the first time after their break up, during his tour of England while promoting his new book on Lord Lugard. After the seminar, they both catch up on each other's lives. At the end of the evening, Tayo asks if he would kiss her but she politely declines, saying she would miss her train.

Chapter Twenty Eight

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Vanessa sits at Broadwell Park reminiscing on her meeting with Tayo during his book tour. She revisit the past and dwells mostly on how she finds herself marrying Edward Barker, Tayo's friend in Oxford. Later that evening, Vanessa receives Mandelo's 'Long walk To Freedom' as a wedding present from her husband.

Chapter Twenty Nine

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Tayo writes to Vanessa where he expresses himself freely like the old times. He shares his opinion on the role of artists in his letter. Vanessa earnestly implores him in her reply to be careful in his fall prey to the hands of military rulers. Tayo replies to her complaints about her failures as a mother by reasuring her she is a good mum and also tells her about his imperfections as a father and a husband.

Chapter Thirty

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Vanessa drives Suleiman to the airport where he leaves for Senegal, his home country. Vanessa is heartbroken with the way they part and worries about him constantly. She bares her heart in a letter to Tayo, expressing her sadness and longing for what could have being. Eventually, she decided not to send it.

Chapter Thirty One

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Vanessa visits her father, Mr. Richardson, who is now old and lives in the Carrington Home for the Elderly. With her father is murdoch and Mrs. Halliday. After the brief visit, she buys a fitting skirt in preparation to meet Tayo at the airport the next day. Unfortunately, Tayo is not on the list of those on the expected plane.

Chapter Thirty Two

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On Tayo's way to the airport, his plan to visit Englad for a long while fails as he is involved in a ghasly accident orchestrated by the Nigerian military.

Chapter Thirty Three

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After Tayo's survival of the accident that lost the life of his driver, Abdou, he resorts to living at Kemi's apartment in San Francisco. There she works as a nanny to fund her artistic pursuits.

Kemi sensing her father's depression suggest that he sees a therapist. Tayo promptly refuses, saying he doesn't need one. This outburst dregs up the ugly past making father and daughter exchange harsh words. Later that night, they apologize to one another.

Chapter Thirty Four

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Vanessa, after the death of her father, tries to publish his manuscript. She finds out interesting news on the period of their stay in Nigeria as a family. She speculates on different twists to what leads to her mother's early departure from Nigeria. She reconciles with Suleiman, her son, who on his return to England promptly apologizes and resolves to start up a business.

Chapter Thirty Five

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Tayo gets the opportunity to teach, which he does not appreciate initially but soon seems to enjoy. His legs heal completely, given to his long walks. He later recives a letter from the Nigerian president that states that he has being awarded a honoraby degree from oxford.

Chapter Thirty Six

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Family and friends gather for the occasion in the Sheldonian, England. Tayo, after receiving his award joins his family while Kemi introduces herself, miriam and some other family members to Vanessa and her son. Tayo and Vanessa later steals away from the party to have an alone time. 

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2017/18 JAMB Brochure For UTME & Direct Entry Now Online (PDF Format Only)

By Last Modified May 15, 2017

As the Registration for the 2017 JAMB UTME is about to kick-start we deemed it necessary that they need to know there various subjects combinations and scheme which they need to cover before the examination approaches.

1.0.00  In this Brochure, detailed information on how to complete the Direct Entry (DE) and Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) application forms has been provided. Candidates are advised to read carefully the instructions and information provided herein before filling the Application forms.


Candidates should note the following:
1.  The guidelines and instructions provided in this Brochure will assist candidates in selecting appropriate institutions   and courses and in completing the application forms properly.
The Board will not process any form completed without adhering to the instructions and regulations set out in this booklet.
2.  A candidate must have completed or about to complete a full course of training in a Secondary School, Technical College, Teacher Training College or an approved institution of equivalent status.
3.  A candidate must have attained the age of sixteen years (16) or would have done so on the first day of October in the year of  his/her candidature.
4.  UTME candidates must write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and attain an acceptable standard in the examination for entry into the course of  his/her choice.
5.  UTME candidates are advised to use the current syllabus. Past question papers on the examination are available for a fee at the National Headquarters, Headquarters Annexes, Zonal and State Offices of the Board.
6.  Candidates who submit more than one set of application forms will be disqualified.
7.  Apart from the notification of results, the Board will not enter into correspondence regarding candidates’ performance at the UTME or failure of placement of candidates.
8.  The Board reserves the right to withdraw, at any time any result released to candidates or admission offers made, if it is discovered that  the candidate cheated at the examination or gave the Board false, incomplete or misleading information.
9.  Candidates should note that the Board is free to place high scoring candidates into institutions other than their preferred choices.
10.  Any  candidate  whose  scores  are  low  for  their  chosen  courses/institutions  could  approach  other  institutions  and/or  departments  for  consideration.   Such consideration would normally be given after such institutions had taken care of candidates who made such courses either  their first or second choice and other high scoring candidates.


For a candidate to be offered admission into 100 level of the chosen course in any of the Institutions, he/she must obtain an  acceptable level of performance at the  Unified  Tertiary  Matriculation  Examination  (UTME)  in  subjects  RELEVANT  to  the  proposed  course/programme  of  study.   The  UT ME  subjects  which  are mandatory for the respective courses are set out in this Section of the Tables in this Brochure.   All candidates are to note that "Use of English" is mandatory for  all courses and has therefore been excluded from the Tables to avoid unnecessary repetition.


1.  The proprietor of each institution provides the Board with guidelines to be adopted in selecting candidates for the respective institutions. For Federal institutions, the Federal Government stipulates that a percentage of the candidates should be selected on merit, another percentage on catchment/locality which in most cases is the geographical or socio-cultural area contiguous to the institution. A proportion is also reserved for candidates from educationally less
developed states.
2.  Candidates are advised to study this Section and the Section on Remarks/Waiver before Selecting Courses


In addition to the specific entry requirements into each Institution, faculty or department, the following are the general en try requirements approved for admission into first degree courses for both UTME and Direct Entry candidates.
1  Applicants must write the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) and attain an acceptable standard in the Use of English (Compulsory) and three subjects relevant to the proposed course of study as set out in the relevant Chapters of this Brochure.
2  Candidate must in addition to attaining an acceptable standard in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination obtain one of the following qualifications.
(a)  National  Examinations  Council  (NECO)/  West  African  Examinations  Council  (WAEC)  Senior  School  Certificate   (SSC)   or   the  School  Certificate/General Certificate of Education (SSC/GCE ) or equivalents with credit passes in Five (5) subjects relevant to the course and obtained at not more than two sittings; except where otherwise specified.
(b)  Grade II Teacher's Certificate (TC II) with credit or merit passes in at least Five (5) subjects. PLEASE NOTE THAT TC II IS  NOT ACCEPTABLE FOR SOME COURSES IN SOME UNIVERSITIES.
(c) National Technical Certificate (NTC), National Business Certificate (NBC) with credit passes in Five (5) subjects rel evant to the course and obtained at not more than two sittings. For the purpose of NTC/NBC, a credit in any General Education subjects, trade related subjects and trade component subjects is equivalent to a credit in a subject.
3.  A credit pass in Mathematics is required for all Science based and Social Science courses except where it is stated otherwise.
4.  A credit pass in English Language is required for all courses except where it is stated otherwise.
5  Please note that a matriculated student in any University is not eligible to sit for the Unified Tertiary Matriculation  Examination (UTME) except those  who are transferring from foreign Universities.

1.0.05  Entry by Direct Application (DE) (2/3/4/5  -  year degree programme).

1.   Applicants with one of the following qualifications may be considered for admission by Direct entry:-(a)  A minimum  of five (5) subjects passed at not more than two sittings with at least two at the Principal or Advanced level of the G.C.E.  and the others, at credit level of the SSC/GCE , NTC/NBC. No subject shall be counted at both Ordinary and Advanced levels.
(b)  Passes in two major subjects in the NCE with S.S.C.E , NTC/NBC credits or equivalents in THREE other subjects (mainly for  Education Courses). Education may be accepted as a third A/Level subject for those taking courses in Education
(c)  Two passes at the IJMB examination or Cambridge moderated Schools of Basic Studies terminal examination or International Baccalaurat e from recognised institutions with SSCE/GCE , NTC/NBC credits or equivalent in three other subjects (SUBJECT TO UNIVERSITY REQUIR EMENTS).

Below is the link to download the JAMB Brochure and Syllables In PDF Online.

Download the 2017 UTME Brochure for Colleges of Education

Download the 2017 UTME Brochure for Innovative Enterprise Institute

List of Courses
List of Schools

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Download 2017/18 JAMB Real Live Questions & Answers In PDF [All Subjects]

By Last Modified May 13, 2017

Elitesplanet Blog 2017/18 JAMB Assistance Package/Programme

No need of introduction as we usually do in previous year, we believe that action speaks louder than words.
For the past years we have been helping many students achieve their desired scores in their UTME Examination ad this year wont be an exception.

With serious negotiation we have decided to open the room for our 2017 JAMB UTME Subscription for those who needs help during their respective examination, no matter your exam center or location.

We Only Offer Core Subjects Which Are Listed Below:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Account
  • Commerce
  • Chemistry
  • Economics
  • Literature
  • Agric
  • CRK
  • Geography
  • Government
  • Biology
  • Physics


  • Individual: N7,000 [4 Subjects]
  • Tutorial Centers/Vip: 35,000 [All Subjects + Exam Time]

2016/17 Sample Questions And Answers Proofs In PDF!!!

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NOTE: This is not meant for everyone and as such no bargain/reduction of prices . If you are not capable please kindly ignore.

Also Bookmark This Page as you might find it difficult to have access to it in your next visit.


  • A Good Android Device That Can Download PDF 
  • A Working Email Address And Phone Number
Please if you don't have the two mentioned requirements please just walk away [This is not for you]

How To Apply

To Be Among Those Who Will Be Assisted Kindly Fill The Form Below With Your Details And Submit. An Admin Will Get Back To You With The Necessary Information You Need And Steps To Follow!!!

Your Name

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Closing Date

May 12th, 2017


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94 Likely Questions From Each Chapter Of JAMB Novel- In Dependence By Sarah Mayinka

By Last Modified May 01, 2017
After Providing the Chapter By Chapter Summary of the JAMB Recommended Literature For UTME, we have decided to upload Likely questions students are to expect from each chapter of the Novel In Dependence By Sarah Mayinka Ladipo.

For those who has finished reading the novel these questions will go a long way in your preparation in 2017 JAMB UTME Use of English. Those who are yet to read the book can read our full compiled summary which can help them understand the questions posted below:

Click Here To Download The 94 Likely Questions From Each Chapter Of JAMB Novel- In Dependence By Sarah Mayinka In PDF

94 Likely Questions From Each Chapter Of JAMB Novel For 2017 UTME- In Dependence By Sarah Mayinka

Chapter One Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
1. For what purpose is Tayo travelling to England?
Ans: To take up a scholarship at Balliol College, Oxford
2. What is the name of Tayo’s school in England?
Ans: Balliol College
3. What is the significance of Tayo’s visit to relatives before embarking on his journey to England?   Ans: It is their tradition
4. Through what means of transportation does Tayo travel to England?
Ans: Water

Chapter Two Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
5. Why is Tayo surprised that people do not greet each other in passing in England?
Ans: Because in Nigeria, so much value is attached to greetings
6. In what subject did Bisi receive the highest honours?
Ans: Geography
7. In the Ajayi motto, all things are expected to be done with moderation except what?
Ans: Study

Chapter Three Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
8. Who is Mr Barker?
Ans: He His headmaster and Mr Faircliffe’s old colleague
9. What reminds Tayo of his mother in the Barkers’ house?
Ans: Isabella cooks wonderful meals in a way that reminds Tayo of his mother
10. Christine was in her third year of study when?
Ans: Tayo met her for the first Time

Chapter Four Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
11. What is Vanessa Richardson’s nationality?
Ans; English
12. What is the name of the friend that Vanessa wrote a letter to, concerning the status of women? Ans: Jane
13. The full meaning of JACARI is?
Ans: Joint Action Committee Against Racial Inequality

Chapter Five Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
14. What are Christine’s reasons for putting an end to her relationship with Tayo?
Ans: Because she was called ‘clingy’ and the fear of her boy being snatched by  some woman
15. The language of fun among Tayo’s Nigerian friends is ?
Ans: Pidgin
16. What are the things that made Tayo remember home each time he is at Christine’s place?
Ans: Her cooking which reminds him of mama and the juju and highlife music she plays

Chapter Six Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
17. What is the trait that Nessa cherises in Tayo and that is absence in Charlie and Mehul?
Ans: Humility
18. What does Nessa mean by saying she has a ‘’small confession’’ to make?
Ans: She has connections to Nigeria as her father is a colonial officer  over there
19. What did Tayo name Vanessa as?
Ans; Moremi

Chapter Seven Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
20. What delicacies did Vanessa’s mother make to welcome her daughter?
Ans: Chicken pie and cake
21. For what occasion did her mother ask her whom she was inviting?
Ans: Christmas party
22. Whom did Vanessa’s father invite for the occasion?
Ans: His South African racist miner friends.

Chapter Eight Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
23. How old was the Richardson’s house when Tayo attended a party there?
Ans: About 200 years
24. “We all get embarrassed by our parents”.  Who said this?
Ans: Tayo
25: To whom was it said?
Ans: Vanessa's

Chapter Nine Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
26. What, according to the narrator, did Nessa admire in Tayo when she visited him in the room and saw him organizing his records in piles?
Ans: His tidiness

Chapter Ten Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
27. Where did Simon suggest that they (him, Tayo and their two girlfriends) spend Easter?
Ans: Paris
28. Christine died by------?
Ans: Suicide
29. Why did Tayo feel guilty about Christine’s death?
Ans: His refusal to respond properly to her letters and not giving her attention

Chapter Eleven Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
30. Who is the only family Tayo has in England?
Ans: Tunde
31. Why does Vanessa’s father detest Uncle Tony?
Ans: To him, he is unconventional to him and because he had the opportunity of achieving a place at Cambridge University which Vanessa’s father didn’t have
32. What qualities did the narrator ascribe to Nancy?
Ans; She is being described as having a ‘supercilious (arrogantly proud) tone and feigned generosity’

Chapter Twelve Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
33. What made Tayo realise how lucky he was for getting a scholarship at Balliol?
Ans: He witnessed the life of struggle most African students live, engaging in ridiculous and exhausting jobs such as bakery and hospital work to make ends meet
34. What do the signs: “No Dogs, No Irish, No Coloureds’’ (Africans and Indians) symbolise in the novel?
Ans: Racism
35. The least strenuous work was reserved for whom?
Ans: The English

Chapter Thirteen Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
36. Where was bathing done since there is no bathroom in Tunde’s house?
Ans; Kitchen (in tins) or public baths.
37. For what purpose(s) did Tunde throw a party in his house?
Ans: For Tayo and to celebrate Gambia’s independence
38. ‘’Nigerian women are the best’’ who said this?
Ans: Yusuf

Chapter Fourteen Likely JAMB UTME Questions And Answers

Compiled and Uploaded Online By
39. Whose wedding did Tayo and Vanessa attend?
Ans: Yusuf’s
40. Joyce was expected to be the bride, but the bride turned out to be whom?
Ans: Joy
41. ‘’No! Don’t Moremi me’’ Who made this statement?
Ans: Vanessa



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NYSC 2017-18 Latest Updates [Mobilization Lists, Call-Up Letter & Orientation Schedule]

By Last Modified April 30, 2017
This page is created for all graduates of various institutions whose results has been approved by their various senate and wish to participate in the NYSC 2017 Orientation Exercise [Batch A Or Batch B].
We will be covering the following updates for the 2017 NYSC Mobilization Exercise.
  • NYSC 2017 [Batch A Or B] Online Registration Of Institutions [Pre-Mobilization]
  • NYSC 2017 [Batch A Or B] Mobilizations Of Graduands [Senate Lists]
  • NYSC 2017 [Batch A Or B] Green Card And Call-Up Letter Printing
  • NYSC 2017 [Batch A Or B] Orientation Timetable e.t.c
Make Sure To Follow The Respective Links As They Are Being Updated Below:


ATTENTION: 2017 Batch 'A' Prospective Corps Members NYSC online registration for 2017 batch 'A' has already commenced and will last till 6th May, 2017.
Click Here To Begin Registration

NYSC Mobilization Time Table For 2017 Batch A 


Event Date
1 Briefing/Sensitization of Final year students/prospective corps Members. 4th - 16th April 2017
2 Display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking feedback. 3rd - 7th April 2017
3 Collation of Prospective Corps Members' Data by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) 3rd - 9th April 2017
4 Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Result for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 10th - 19th April 2017
5 Uploading of Corrected Lists by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) 10th - 19th April 2017
6 On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates 20th April to 6th May 2017
7 Entertainment of complaints from Prospective Corps Members by the state Deployment and Relocation officers and NYSC Help Lines/Desks 20th April to 6th May 2017
8 Forwarding of Complaints to Mobilisation Dept by State Deployment and Relocation officers 20th April to 6th May 2017
9 Deployment and printing of call-up letters by ICT department 8th - 9th May, 2017
10 Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/delivery of call-up letters to institutions 8th - 9th May, 2017
11 Online printing of deployment disposition by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) 8th - 9th May, 2017
12 2017 Batch 'A' Orientation Course

 NYSC 2016 Batch B (Stream II) Time-Table & Orientation Course Schedule Out


  1. UNIPORT NYSC 2017 Batch A Submission Of Mobilization Request Form Deadline
  2. OOU NYSC 2017 Batch A Pre-Mobilization Registration Guidelines 
  3. NYSC 2017/18 Requirements For Registration/Mobilization Of Graduates
  4. OOU NYSC 2017 Batch A Pre-Mobilization Deadline Notice
  5. LAUTECH 2017 NYSC Pre-Mobilization Notice To All Graduates 
  6. Nuhu Bamalli Poly 2017 Batch A NYSC Mobilization List Out 
  7. UNIPORT 2017 Batch 'A' NYSC Pre-Mobilization Briefing For PCM's
  8. UDUSOK 2017 NYSC Batch A Senate List Uploaded Online 
  9. Federal Poly, Ede 2017 NYSC Batch A Senate List Uploaded Online 
More NYSC 2017 Updates Loading.......................................

Important Notice To All PCMs

Graduates With New JAMB Number (I.e Regularization Process) Are Advised To Visit The Link Here For Steps To Activate It And Printing Of Admission Letter, Before Using Such Number For Pre-Mobilization Registration.
Other Graduates are advised to visit the official JAMB Admission Checking Portal To Confirm The Status Of Their Reg. Number, Visit Here To Begin.
Other Related Links:
We Encourage all PCMs to bookmark this page as new updates concerning NYSC 2017 will be updated frequently.
For Questions Or Inquiries Please Only Use The Comment Box Below.

Monday, April 24, 2017

NSUK 5th Combined Convocation Ceremony Programme Of Events

By Last Modified April 24, 2017
The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Muhammad A. Mainoma On behalf of Council and Senate cordially invites the General Public to the 5th Combined Convocation Ceremony of Nasarawa State University, Keffi.

Programme of Events
i. Day I: Friday 5th, May 2017
  • Investiture of a new Chancellor by 4pm
  • Convocation Lecture on the topic: “Education and National Security”.
Speaker:     Lt. Gen. (Rtd) Abdulrahman Bello Dambazau, Ph.D
Hon. Minister for Interior, Federal Ministry of Interior, Abuja.
Time : 4:00pm prompt
  • Vice-Chancellor’s Cocktail at the Assembly Hall.
Time : 7:00pm prompt

ii. Day II: Saturday 6th, 2017
Award of Bachelor Degrees/Diplomas, Masters Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) Degrees and Conferment of Honorary Doctorate Degrees.
Notice to all graduands
  • Academic Gowns will be available at Faculty Offices at the sum of N2,500 and Postgraduate Gowns at the School of   Postgraduates Studies for N5,000.00.
  • Book of Proceedings are also available at Faculty Offices and School of Postgraduate Studies at the sum of N5,000.00 and N10,000.00 respectively.
  • Academic Gowns and Book of Proceedings are available for collection from Thursday 27th April, 2017.
  • All gowns are to be retuned on or before Tuesday 8th May, 2017. Failure to return the Gown as at when due will attract a fine.
  • Masters and Ph.D gowns are also available for sale at the School of Postgraduate Studies Souvenir shop.
  • Graduands are also to collect one invitation card each to invite their guests.

Bala .I. Ahmed II

Lautech 2016 PDS ICT Training Resumption Date Notice

By Last Modified April 24, 2017
We are using this meduim to inform all Ladokites that the PDS 2016 ICT Training will resume on May 2nd, 2017.

Lectures commerce immediately. The Time Table follows:

  • Word Processing - May 2 to May 5th
  • Spreadsheet - May 8th to May 12th
  • Office Presentation - May 15th to May 19th
  • Google Apps for Education - May 22 to May 24th
  • Lautech IT service - May 25th to May 26th
  • Revision for other courses - May 29th to May 31st.
  • History of Computer and Computer Hardware - May 29th
  • Computer Software and Computer Network & Security - May 30th to May 31st.
  • Examination Date: June 1st and 2nd
  • Venue for Lectures: Skye and First Bank Hall.
 Share With Others!!!

FuDutsin-Ma 2016/17 2nd Semester Resumption Date

By Last Modified April 24, 2017
The Authorities of the Federal University, Dutsin-Ma wishes to inform all the students of the institution that academic session re-opens on 23rd April, 2017 for the 2016/2017 2nd Semester.

All students are to be in school campus on or before the resumption date.

Lectures for the second semester 2016/2017 session shall commence on APRIL 24th 2017.

Please Inform Others!!!

Saturday, April 22, 2017

JAMB In Big Trouble As Hackers Penetrates UTME Registration Portal

By Last Modified April 22, 2017
Reports reaching us confirmed that about five suspects has been arrested by the Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps (NSCDC) for various alleged registration infractions in the ongoing 2017 Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) to be conducted by the Joint Admissions and Matriculations Board (JAMB).

The arrested persons have reportedly confessed to spending over N20m to construct a radio platform with which they hacked into JAMB’s registration portal.

The suspected fraudsters were arrested in Oyo, Ogun and Borno States by officers and men of the NSCDC and brought to Abuja where they are being interrogated. In the presence of the Commandant General, Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps Abdullahi Gana Mohamadu, the suspects reportedly confessed to numerous registration irregularities.
The Spokesperson of the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, Dr. Fabian Benjamin, in a statement issued in Abuja on Saturday, said, “These registration thieves deployed fake biometric capturing mechanisms and super-imposed registration slips just to satisfy the curiosity of innocent candidates that their registration was successful.

“And on the day of examination, such candidates’ data would either be edited, or not found on the JAMB data base.

“Such candidates would not be verified during the examination proper.”

Mr. Benjamin added, “More worrisome is the massive investment by E- Kindle CBT centres to penetrate the airtel system we are using to perpetrate all forms of wholesome practices. They register candidates without proper biometric which means such candidates will have problems with their details during examination if not corrected immediately.

“From investigation at the headquarters of the NSCDC, it was clear that they had powerful men backing them to thwart the efforts of JAMB. If not, how will you justify them spending over N20 million to construct a radio platform just to hack into the Board’s registration exercise if not to destroy the entire system and put JAMB in bad light?

“This investigation has clearly shown that the Board under Prof. Is-haq Oloyede may be in for a bigger fight given his stand on anti-corruption.”

NYSC Notice To Part-Time Graduates On Printing Of Exclusion Letters

By Last Modified April 22, 2017
The Management of the National Youth Service Corps wishes to inform all part-time graduates that the institutions have uploaded details of part-time graduates on the NYSC portal.

All part-time graduate, you are advised to visit the online registration portal: to check your name on the uploaded senate/academic board lists and register to enable you print your exclusion letter.

Note that the registration closes 15th May, 2017.


TASUED Briefing/Sensitization Of Final Year Students & 2017 PCM's

By Last Modified April 22, 2017
This is to inform all Tai Solarin University Of Education [TASUED] prospective Corp members and final year students that NYSC in collaboration with the University is organizing a briefing for all prospective Corp members and final year students as scheduled below.

  • DATE: Wednesday 26th April, 2017.
  • TIME: 10 am
  • Venue: University Auditorium(O.G.D)

Please note that this briefing is important and compulsory for all the prospective Corp members and final year students of the University.

Thank you.

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