Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Government Revision- See The List Of The Founding Fathers Of The Vairous Political System

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As students especially Government students pepares for their exams we actually feel its right for them to know these topics, because it is a must for every Government students to know the founding fathers of the various political system we had.
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1. Father OF Capitalism- Adam Smith
2. Father Of Socialism- Karl Marx
3. Father Of Communism- Karl Marx & Fredrich Engel
4. Father Of Communalism- Julius Nyerere [Of Tanzania]
5. Father Of Nazism- Adolf Hitler Of Germany
6. Father Of Facism- Bennito Mossolini Of Italy
7. Father Of Federalism- Prof. KC Whear
8. Father Of Colonialism In Africa- King Leo Pold Of Belguim
9. Father Of Regionalism- Richard
10. Father Of Nationalism- Herbert Macauley
11. Father Of Sovereignty- Jean Bodin
12. Father Of Authority- Max Webber
13. Father Of Democracy- Abraham Lincoln
14. Father Of Rule Of Law- Prof. A.V Dicey
15. Father Of Political Culture- Gabriel Alnod & Sydney Verba
16. Father Of Seperation Of Power- Baron de Montesquieu
17. Father Of Indirect Rule- Lord F. Luggard
18. Father Of Bureaucracy- Max Webber
19. Father Of Aristoracy- Aristole
20. Father Of American Constitution- Hamilton
21. Father Of NNDP/NCNC- Herbert Macauley
22. Father Of Universal Negro Movement- Marcus Garvey
23. Father Of Minority Commission In Nigeria [1957/1958]- Sir Henry Willink
24. Father Of Administrative Management Of Theory- Luther Gulick & Lyndall Urwick [1937]
25. Father Of Scientific Management Theory- Frederick Taylor
26. Father Of Classical Administrative Theories- Henri Fyoi
27. Father Of Modern Management Theory
28. Father Of Human Relation Theory- Elton May[1927]
29. Father Of Hierarchy Of Human- A.H. Maslow
30. Father Of Samaformism/ Humanity Day- Mankind Oyewumi
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