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WAEC 2016/2017 English Language [Essay, Obj, Test Of Oral] Questions And Answers Posted Here [15/04/2016]

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WAEC English Language [Essay, Obj, Test Of Oral] Questions & Answers ;

1. A Friend Of Yours Wants To Study In your School and has Written to you for Information And Advice. Write reply to him, Telling him all That he Needs to know About the School.

2. Some Core Value In Your Have Being Exceed by Modernization. Write An Article Suitable For The Publication In A National Newspaper on the Needs to Solve the Value for a better Society

3. The PTA of your school has decided to transfer the school into a single sex school. As a school prefect write a letter to the committee giving at least three reasons why you disagree to these decision.

4. You Are A Main Speaker In A Debate On The Topic "EDUCATION IS THE BEST LEGENCY A PARENT CAN GIVE A CHILD" Write your Argument for Or Against The Motion

5.Write a story to illustrate the saying pride goes before is fall.

English OBJ
1-10 = cadcbcccad
11-20 = dbdbdddaba
21-30 = bbdacabbbc
31-40 = baabbbbdab
41-50 = dbaaababcc
51-60 = abcbbbbccb
61-70 = dbdccadabb
71-80 = cdabbdacdd


English Oral
1-10 = bcbaacbbcd
11-20 = abcccbaccb
21-30 = cabdbddacd
31-40 = cdcadbadac
41-50 = cccbaabaad
51-60 = bcacaacbcc


- increase in health centres
- increase in human security
- increase in research to enhance the
production of more food.
- increase in Literacy rate.
- The planet(earth) may become too
small to contain large population.
- increase in environmental pollution.

Please we have thousands of students writing these so dont copy everything!!! use your brain
No. 1





14TH APRIL, 2016.


Your Latter was delivered to me yesterday when I returned from school. I was very happy when I saw it because I know I would have hear from you since I

left the Village to Lagos. How are you now? I hope you are doing fine with your studies.

In your letter, you requested from me to furnish you with information about my school to enable you decide on moving over to my school. Somehow,here are what we are enjoying in my school here in Lagos.

Firstly, the environment of my school is conducive for learning for it is so quiet and adorned by flowers all over the well catered lawns making the beautiful painted proto-type building stand out.

Besides, there is a well equipped laboratory where the different Science i.e PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY, BIOLOGY PRACTICALS can be taken with each student having his or her own cubicle.

Another notable facility in my school that distinguishes it from yours has to do with the ever - cool computer room where we are taught computer studies. In fact, I can now use computer and chat or surf, due to my email address. My E-mail address is KELLYCHI@

Whatever you might be thinking, I am assuring you that if finally you decide to come to my school, I shall be helping you to meet up with the use of computer.

Greet your friends over there for me. How is your sister Comfort? I hope she is doing well in her studies. Till I hear from you, I say bye - bye for now

Yours friend


Put Your Name Here

(2) The morals and values of todays society have really changed.
For an example;

The younger generation have little respect for elders, their parents or authority figures which
leads to a higher
crime rate among our children.

This is the reason there is no respect for others belongings, and
people take what they want instead of asking
for it.

The reason the morals and values are like they are in todays society, is because the parents do not take the
time to teach their children, to show respect to their elders or to show respect
for others.

They are not taught the value of family, so
instead the children
are spoiled with material belongings which puts the parents in a position of having to by them what they want regardless of the
cost this instills lack of morals and greed in ourchildren.

The rate of teen pregnancy is a lot higher and the number of women being pregnant without being married is higher than it was in years past. The lack of morals has led to the violence and
the drug use by society today. I believe that this stems from the type of
programing that our
youth are watching on television today and they are using the characters on television , and musicians as role models rather than their parents.
Another reason for the lack of morals and values is both parents have to work, due to the shape of our economy which leaves the children without proper guidance and allowing
them to learn from bad examples.
There are a lot of young parents that are into partying and so they do not supervise their children and they run lose getting into trouble. We need to instill better morals in our children and teach our youth the family values to do this we need to start spending quality time with our children, and monitor what our children are watching on television. We should spend more family time with our children either playing games,planting a garden, or helping with
their school work. We could teach children better morals and values by being a good role model for.



A story with the theme "pride goes before a fall"
Mary Lee seemed to have everything. She was very beautiful with a neat trim figure and an attractive face. She was very rich. Her clothes were better than anyone else's and she had more of them. Her books were always new and expensive as were her pens, school bags and bicycle. She was very clever too and without appearing to do very much work, she was always first in all the examinations and always answered all the questions, while the ret of the class were still thinking.
With all this, or really because of all this, no one liked Mary Lee. She was too good, too clever and she was also very proud. No one was quite good enough to talk to her or to be seen with her or to be her friend. And so, with all her proud ways and riches and brains, she was lonely but she did not care because she was always best in everything.
As the end of term drew near, the pupils including Mary Lee began to think about the most important prize of all. this was the prize, offered by the principal, for the best essay to be written on one of two subjects. "I needn't worry about that," thought Mary Lee, as the others began to read and to think about the essay. "I shall easily win; after all, my compositions are always better than the rest."
'Pride goes before a fall,' they say and it certainly did in the case of poor Mary Lee. 'Happiness' and 'Friendship' were the two subjects for the essay and Mary Lee knew little about either. As she scratched her head for ideas and scribbled with her pen, she realized that she hadn't any friends to speak of and that she was very far from being happy. She had no idea and so, she did not win the prize.
Ah Chu wrote the best essay and the pupils were pleased, because he had never really excelled in anything before. He won lesson. She felt so silly because all her money and her cleverness seemed nothing compared with not wining the prize. "I mustn't be too proud or too sure," she thought, "the fall is very hard, if you have been too arrogant. " She became a much pleasant person after that and her fellow pupils became her friends. She still won many prizes, but she never forgot the valuable lesson that the one prize she lost had taught her.s
a)The writer's father warned them not
to go out at night because recent
happenings has shown that it is unsafe.
b)"We soon reached the teacher's house
a stone throw from ours" shows that
the teachers house was not far from the
writer's house.
c)The teacher was able to discover the
boys due to the powerful headlights of
his car.
d)The write got injured in his haste to
get down from the mango tree'
e)The writers father refused to open the
gate because he thought his son was
peaceful sleeping in his room.
i) Recent......Current
ii) Delicious.... Pleasant
iii) Approaching.... Consent, sanction, coming closer
iv) Verify.....Confirm

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