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Wednesday, May 4, 2016

LASU 2016/2017 School Of Postgraduate Admission Form (Full-Time & Part-Time) Out

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The Postgraduate School invites applications from suitably qualified candidates for admission into the underlisted postgraduate programmes at the Lagos State University (LASU), Ojo, for the 2016/2017 academic session

The University requires five [ 5 ] CREDITS including  English Language at Ordinary Level (GCE, WASC, SSCE, NECO and NABTEB) for ALL courses and credit in MATHEMATICS at Ordinary Level for SCIENCE, SOCIAL SCIENCES, MANAGEMENT SCIENCES and EDUCATIONAL MANAGEMENT courses.

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A.    Department of  African Languages.
M. A. Yoruba Literature & Culture
B.    Department of History and International Studies

i.   Postgraduate Diploma in International Relations & Strategic Studies [PGDIRSS].
ii.  Master in International Relations & Strategic Studies [MIRSS].
iii. M.A in History and Diplomacy
iv. M.Phil./Ph.D. History and Diplomacy
v.  Ph.D. History and Diplomacy
C.    Department of Religions
i.    PGD Christian Religious Studies
ii.    M.A. Christian Religious Studies
iii.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Christian Religious Studies
iv.   PGD Islamic Studies
v.    M.A. Islamic Studies
vi.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Islamic Studies
vii.  Ph.D. Islamic Studies
D.    Department of English
i.    M. A. English Language
ii.    M. A. Literature in English
E.    Department of Foreign Languages
i.    Master in Translation and Interpretation
ii.    M.A. Arabic Studies
iii.   M.Phil/Ph.D Arabic Studies
iv.   Ph.D Arabic Studies
v.    M.A. French
vi.   M.Phil/Ph.D French
vii.  Ph.D. French
F.    Department of Theatre Arts and Music
1.  Theatre Arts Programmes
i.    Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
ii.    Master of Arts (M.A)
iii.    M.Phil/Ph.D
iv.    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)
2.    Music Programmes
i.    Postgraduate Diploma
ii.    Master of Arts (M.A)
iii.    M.Phil/Ph.D
iv.    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

A.    Postgraduate Diploma in Education
B.    Department of Educational Foundations & Counselling Psychology
i.    M.Ed. Counseling Psychology
ii.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Counseling Psychology
iii.   M.Ed. Educational   Psychology
iv.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Educational Psychology
v.    M .Ed Early Childhood Education
vi.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Early Childhood Education
vii.  M.Ed. Sociology of Education
viii.  M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology of Education
ix.   M.Ed. Philosophy of Education
x.    M.Phil./Ph.D. Philosophy of Education
C.    Department of Physical and Health Education
i.    M.Ed. Health Education
ii.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Health Education
iii.   M.Ed. Exercise Physiology
iv.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Exercise Physiology
v.    M.Ed Psychology and Sociology of     Sports
vi.   M.Phil./Ph.D. Psychology and Sociology of Sports
vii.  M.Ed Sports Management   and Administration
viii.  M.Phil./Ph.D. Sports Management and Administration
D.    Department of Educational Management
i.    M.Ed. Educational Management
ii.   Master of Educational Management(MEM)
iii.  M.Phil/Ph.D Educational Management
E.    Department of Science and Technology  Education
i.    M.Ed Science Education
ii.   M.Phil/Ph.D. Science Education
iii.   M.Ed Mathematics Education
iv.   M.Phil/Ph.D Mathematics Education     
v.    M.Ed Educational Technology
vi.   M.Phil/Ph.D Educational Technology
vii.  M.Ed Computer Education
viii.  M.Phil/Ph.D Computer Education
F.    Department of Language, Arts & Social Science Education
i.     M. Ed. Arabic Language Education
ii.    M.Phil/Ph.D Arabic Language Education
iii.   M. Ed. English  Language Education
iv.   M.Phil/Ph.D English  Language Education
v.    M. Ed. French Language Education
vi.   M.Phil/Ph.D French Language Education
vii.  M. Ed. Nigerian Language Education (Yoruba)
viii.  M.Phil/Ph.D Nigerian Language Education (Yoruba)
ix.   M. Ed. Curriculum and Instruction
x.    M.Phil/Ph.D Curriculum and Instruction
xi.   M. Ed.  Social Studies Education
xii.  M.Phil/Ph.D Social Studies Education

i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Education
ii.    Postgraduate Diploma in Environmental Resource Management      
iii.    Master in Environmental Management (MEM)
iv.    M.Sc Environmental Education
v.    M.Sc Environmental Resource Management
vi.    M.Phil/Ph.D & Ph.D Environmental   Education/Environmental Resource Management
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Planning Studies
ii.    Master in Urban and Regional Planning
A.    Department of Electronic and Computer Engineering.
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering 
ii.    M. Sc. Electronic and Computer Engineering
iii.    M.Phil. /Ph.D. Electronic and Computer Engineering
iv.    Ph.D. Electronic and Computer Engineering
B.    Department of Chemical and Polymer Engineering
i.    PGD Chemical and Polymer Engineering
ii.    M.Sc. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
iii.    M. Phil/Ph.D. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
iv.    Ph.D. Chemical and Polymer Engineering
C.    Department of Mechanical Engineering
i.    M.Sc Mechanical Engineering
ii.    M.Phil./Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
iii.    Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering

A.    Master of Law (LL.M General Law)
B.    Institute of Maritime Law:
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Maritime and Commercial Law
ii.    Master of Law (LL. M Maritime and Commercial Law).
iii.    Master in Legal Studies (MLS)
iv.    LLM Law of Taxation
v.    Master in Legal Studies (MLS Law of Taxation)

A.    Department of Public Administration.
i.    M.Sc. Public Administration with specialization in:
a.    Human Resource Management
b.    Public Policy Making and Analysis
c.    Local Government Administration and Management
d.    Public Financial Management and Budgeting
ii.    Ph.D Public Administration
B.    Department of Industrial Relations and Personnel Management
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Human Resources & Industrial Relations
ii.    Master in Human Resources & Industrial Relations (M.HRIR)
iii.    M.Sc. Human Resources & Industrial Relations
C.    Department of Business Administration
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration
ii.    Master in Business Administration (MBA) 
iii.    M.Sc. Business Administration  

A.    Department of Botany
M.Sc Botany
Plant Pathology, Mycology, Plant Breeding & Genetics, Cytogenetics, Ecology, Taxonomy, Ecology Taxonomy, Plant Physiology, Ethno-medicine, Biosystematics and Bioinformatics.
B.    Department of Fisheries
i.    PGD Fisheries
ii.    M.Sc Fisheries
iii.    M.Phil/Ph.D Fisheries
iv.    Ph.D Fisheries
C.    Department of Biochemistry
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Biochemistry
ii.    M.Sc in Biochemistry
iii.    M. Phil/ Ph.D  in Biochemistry
iv.    Ph.D in Biochemistry
D.    Department of Physics
i.    Master of Science in Physics
ii.    M.Phil/Ph.D in Physics
iii.    Ph.D in Physics
E.    Department of Computer Science
i.    Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) Computer Science
ii.    Master of Science (M.Sc) Computer Science
iii.    Ph.D Computer Science
F.    Department of Chemistry
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Chemistry
ii.    M.Sc Chemistry
iii.    M.Phil/Ph.D
a.    Organic Chemistry and Natural Products
b.    Analytical and Environmental Chemistry
c.    Physical and Inorganic Chemistry.
G.    Department of Mathematics
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Mathematics             
ii.    M.Sc Mathematics.
iii.    Ph.D Mathematics with specialization in
a.    Pure Mathematics
b.    Applied Mathematics
c.    Applicable  Mathematics
H.    Department of Zoology & Environmental Biology
i.    M.Sc Zoology and Environmental Biology
ii.    Ph.D Zoology and Environmental Biology

A.    Department of Economics
i.    M.Sc. Economics
ii.    Ph.D. Economics
B.    Department of Geography and Planning
i.    M.Sc Geography
ii.    M.Phil. /Ph.D. Geography
iii.    Ph.D. Geography
C.    Department of Sociology
i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Social Work
ii.    Master in Social Work
iii.    M.Sc. Sociology
iv.    M.Phil./Ph.D. Sociology
D.   Department of Political Science
i.    M.Sc Political Science
ii.    M.Phil. /Ph.D. Political Science
iii.    Ph.D. Political Science

i.    Postgraduate Diploma in Communication Studies
ii.    Master in Communication Studies (MCS)
iii.    Master of Science Communication Studies
iv.    M.Phil/Ph.D Communication Studies
v.    Ph.D Communication Studies
Master in Transport Planning                      
A.    Department of Anatomy
i.    M.Sc. Anatomy
ii.    M.Phil/Ph.D. Anatomy
iii.    Ph.D. Anatomy
B.    Department of Physiology
i.    M.Sc.  Physiology
ii.    M.Phil. /Ph.D. Physiology
iii.    Ph.D. Physiology
C.    Department of Community Health & Primary Health Care
i.    Master in Public Health (MPH)
ii.    Master of Occupational Health
iii.    Master of Occupational Medicine
D.    Department of Pathology & Forensic Science
i.    Master in Forensic Medicine
ii.    Master in Forensic Science   
E.    Department of Medical Biochemistry
i.    Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
ii.    Master of Science (M.Sc.)
iii.    Master of Philosophy (M.Phil./Doctor of Philosophy [PhD]
iv.    Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.)

The University requires Five [5] CREDITS including English Language at Ordinary Level [GCE, WASC SSCE, NECO and NABTEB) for ALL Courses and Credit in Mathematics at Ordinary Level for Science, Social Sciences, Management Sciences and Educational Management Courses.
Applicants are required to pay the sum of Twenty-One Thousand. Five Hundred Naira [N21.500:00] non-refundable fee. into LASU Account on-line.
Applicants shall be required to sit for Qualifying Examination Interview at various Departments on dates to be announced later.
The dosing date for the sale of application forms is Six [6] weeks from the date of this publication. Application forms for all advertised programmes should be submitted on-line and a copy of the e-Registration Slip, printed out by the applicants.
• Candidates who have not completed the National Youth Service Corps assignment or their current Postgraduate programmes need NOT apply:
• All academic transcripts must be received latest two [2] weeks after the close of sale of forms;
• Request for transfer of processed application forms from one (1) Department to another will NOT be entertained;
• Candidates must personally attend the selection and written examinations as makeup tesr will NOT be conducted.
• Candidates are requested to include their e-rnail addresses/Telephone Numbers on the Application Forms.
Prospective Candidates are hereby requested to visit the University Website,as well as Postgraduate School Website: for details on various Postgraduate Programmes at the University.
For further enquiry please contact:
The Secretary.
Postgraduate School,
Lagos State University, Ojo or send an e-mail to:
Lewis, Akinwunmi Oladepo
Registrar and Secretary to Council

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  1. Sorry, it was stated above that application for the postgraduate courses closes six weeks from the date of the publication and no state was stated as the date of publication.

    When exactly is the closing date or when was this article published.


  2. Please,i have an HND in FoodTechnology.Am I eligible to apply for a postgraduate diploma in business administration?

    1. Yes But I Think The Deadline For LASU PG Form is over

  3. My name is Rufus Habeebah what next after applying?

  4. Dear Sir/Ma, I have an MBA (Financial Management)from LASU in 2011 and I now desire to pursue my Ph.D. What step is to be taken, duration of the programme and what is the budget?

  5. pls when will the next foam for Postgraduate be out

  6. Please, Is the Admission List of LASU Pgd. School now out? Kindly Paste. Thanks!


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