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Official & Verified NECO 2016 May/June Biology, Physics, Agric, Chemistry Praticals Specimens

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Soon the 2016/2017 NECO May/June exam will begin, Many of our students have recently contacted us to help them upload the necessary specimens which would be used for their practicals which we promised them that we would do so once we lay our hands on them.
Here we present to you the Verified Specimens For Agric, Biology, Physics And Chemistry to be used for the 2016/2017 May/June examination coming up on May 31st, 2016- See Timetable Here

A-head pan
B-garden line
C-knapsack sprayer
D-fishing basket
F-poultry droppings
G-irish potato
J-coco yam
K-banana sucker
L-eat tag
M-animal skin


D-pride of Barbados(dry pod)
E-orange fruit
F-guava fruit
H-tilapia fish(fresh/freshly preserved)
I-African giant snail
J-Irish potato(tuber)
K-sweet potato(tuber)
L-yam (tuber)
M-egg (albumen raw)
N-glucose mono-hydrate(1g)
O-Benedict solution(2%)
P-potassium permanganet crystal (1g)
Q-millions reagent
R-skull small mammal
S-scapula bone

a)one burette (50cm^3)
b)one pipette (20cm^3) or (25cm^3)however all candidate in a center must use pipette of the same volume
c)the usual apparatus for filtration
d)the usual apparatus and reagents for qualitative work including
i)dilute sodium hydroxide solution
ii)dilute ammonia solution
iii)dilute hydrochloric acid
iv)barium chloride solution
v)distilled water
vi)red and blue litmus paper
vii)dilute trioxonitrate(v)acid
viii)concentrated tetraoxosulphate (vi) acid
ix) lime water
x) ammonium trioxocarbonate(iv)solution
xi)freshly prepared iron(ii)tetraoxosulphate(vi)solution
e)methyl orange
f)one boiling tube
g)five test tubes
h)source of heat
i)wash bottle containing distilled water
j)filtration apparatus

-250ml measuring cylinder
-1liter of kerosene
-five masses 50g each
-vemier caliper
-sewing thread
-4 optical pin
-4 thumb pins
-plain sheet/drawing paper
-drawing board
-2resistor covered and labelled X
-resistance box
-ammeter 0-30A
-two dry cells each of e.m.f 1.5v
-connecting wires
NOTE: The Above s Subject To Change, Bookmark This Page And Always Check Back To Be Updated If There Is Any Change!!!
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