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Rivers State University [RSUST] 2016/2017 School Of Postgraduate Admission Form On Sale

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Applications  are  invited  from  suitably  qualified  candidates  for  admission  into  postgraduate programmes in the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo,
Port Harcourt for the 2016/2017 academic session in the following Faculties/Institutes:-
1.  Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics / Extension
a)  Postgraduate Diploma (PGD)
i)  Agricultural Economics
ii)  Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
b)  Master of Science (M.Sc.)
i)  Agricultural Economics
ii)  Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
iii)  International Economics and Finance
iv)  Environmental Economics and Policy
v)  Social Work and Community Development
c)  Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)
i)  Agricultural  Economics  (with  specialization  in  Production  Economics  and  Farm Management, Agricultural Finance and Agricultural Marketing)
ii)  Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology
iii)  International Economics and Finance
iv)  Environmental Economics and Policy
v)  Social Work and Community Development
2.  Department of Animal Science
a)  PGD in Animal Science
b)    M.Sc., PhD in Animal Science with specialization in:
i)  Animal Nutrition and Biochemistry
ii)  Animal Production and Management
iii)  Animal Physiology and Reproduction
iv)  Animal Breeding and Genetics
3.    Department of Crop and Soil Science
a)  PGD in:
i) Crop Science
ii) Soil Science
b)  M.Sc., PhD in Crop Science, with the following areas of specialization:-i)  Crop Production and Physiology
ii)   Plant Breeding and Genetics
iii)   Farming Systems and Environment
iv)  Plant Pathology and Entomology
c)  M.Sc., PhD in Soil Science, with the following areas of specialization:-i)   Soil Physics and Conservation
ii)   Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy
iii)   Soil Survey and Pedology
iv)   Soil Fertility and Microbiology/ Biochemistry
4.  Department of Fisheries and Aquatic Environment
a)  PGD in Fisheries and Aquatic Environment
b)  M.Sc., PhD in Fisheries and Aquatic Environment with specialization in:
i)   Aquaculture
ii)   Fisheries Biology
iii)   Fish Nutrition
iv)   Fish Processing and Utilization
5.  Department of Food Science and Technology
a)    PGD in Food Science and Technology
b)    M.Sc., PhD in Food Science and Technology with specialization in:
i)    Food Microbiology / Biotechnology
ii)     Food Chemistry/ Biochemistry
iii)   Food Quality Control and Assurance 
iv)   Food Process and Storage Technology
6.  Department of Forestry and Environment
a)  PGD in Forestry and Environment
b)  M.Sc.,  PhD  in  Forestry  and  Environment,  with  the  following  areas  of
i)   Forest Ecology and Silviculture
ii)   Forest Pathology and Soil Microbiology
iii)   Forest Taxonomy and Tree Improvement
iv)   Wildlife Management and Ecotourism
1.  Department of Agricultural and Environmental Engineering
PGD, M.Tech., and PhD in:
a)    Environmental Engineering 
b)  Farm Power and Machinery Engineering
c)  Soil and Water Engineering
d)  Rural Development Engineering
e)  Post-Harvest Process Engineering
2.  Department of Chemical/Petrochemical Engineering
a)   Chemical Engineering (PGD, M.Tech, and PhD)
b)   Petrochemical Engineering (M.Tech.)
3.  Department of Civil Engineering
a)  Structural Engineering (M.Tech, PhD)
b)  Civil Engineering (PGD)
c)  Highway /Transportation Engineering (M.Tech, PhD)
4. Department of Marine Engineering
a)  Naval Architecture and Ship Building (PGD, M.Tech., PhD)
b)  Marine Engineering (PGD, M.Tech., PhD)
c)  Offshore Engineering (PGD, M.Tech., PhD)
5. Department of Mechanical Engineering
a)  Applied Mechanics and Design (PhD)
b)  Thermo-Fluids Engineering (PGD, M. Tech., PhD)
c)  Master of Engineering Management (MEM)
d)  Production Engineering (PGD, M.Tech., PhD)
6.  Department of Electrical Engineering
a)  Power Engineering (PGD, M.Tech., PhD)
b)  Electronics Engineering (PGD, M. Tech.)
c)  Communications Engineering (M.Tech.)
7.  Department of Petroleum Engineering
a)  Petroleum Engineering (PGD, M.Tech.,PhD)
1.    Department of Architecture
i)  M. Sc., Architecture
2.  Department of Estate Management
i)  PGD, Estate Management
ii)  M. Sc., Real Estate
3.  Department of Urban and Regional Planning
i)  PGD/M. Sc., Urban and Regional Planning
4.  Department of Surveying and Geomatics
i)  PGD, MSc., PhD, Surveying and Geomatics
a)  PGD, Petroleum and Environmental Law
b)  Master of Laws (LL.M)
c)  PhD in Law, with the following options:
i)  International Law and Human Rights
ii)  Petroleum and Environmental Law
iii)  Business and Industrial Law
iv)  Constitutional Law and Jurisprudence
a)  PGD
i)  Accountancy
ii)  Banking and Finance
iii)  Management
iv)  Marketing
v)  Mass Communication
vi) Office and Information Management
b)  M. Sc., Accountancy with options in:
i)  Accountancy
ii)  Taxation
iii)  Public Sector Accounting
c)  M. Sc., Banking and Finance with options in:
ii)  Banking and Finance
ii)  Quantitative Finance
iii)  Corporate Finance
iv)  Financial Markets
d)  M. Sc., Management with options in:
i)  Human Resources Management
ii)  Industrial Relations
iii)  Business Policy
iv)  Organizational Behaviour
e)  M. Sc., Marketing
f)  M. Sc., Mass Communication (Communication and Development Studies)
g)  M.Sc., Office and Information Management
h)  PhD
i) Accountancy
ii)  Banking and Finance (with options as in M.Sc. programme)
iii)  Management (with options as in M. Sc. programme)
iv)  Marketing
1.    Department of Applied and Environmental Biology
PGD, M.Sc., PhD, with the following areas of specialization:
i)  Applied Microbiology and Industrial Microbiology
ii)  Applied Environmental and Industrial Entomology
iii)  Marine Biology and Marine Pollution Studies
iv)  Plant Pathology
v)  Environmental Biology
2.  Department of Chemistry
a)  PGD (Chemistry)
b)   M.Sc. and PhD in Chemistry, with the following options:
i)  Analytical Chemistry
ii)  Environmental Chemistry
iii)  Inorganic Chemistry
iv) Organic and Natural Products Chemistry
v)  Physical Chemistry
vi)  Biochemistry
3.  Department of Medical Laboratory Science
PGD, M.Sc., PhD, with the following options:
i) Medical Microbiology
ii) Chemical Pathology
iii) Hematology and Blood Group Serology
4.  Department of Mathematics / Computer Science
a)  PGD
i)  Applied Statistics
ii)  Computer Science
b)  M.Sc.
i)   Computer Science
c)  M.Sc., PhD in:-i)  Applied Mathematics
ii) Applied Statistics
5.  Department of Physics
PGD, M.Sc., PhD, with the following options:
i)  Solid State Physics
ii)  Theoretical Physics (Plasma Physics, Fluid Dynamics)
iii)  Applied Geophysics
iv)  Environmental Physics and Radiation Protection
1.  Department of Business Education
a)  MEd Business Education
b)  M.Sc. Business Education, with specialization in:-i)     Accountancy
ii)     Entrepreneurship
iii)     Office Management & Technology
iv)   Economics Education
c)  Ph.D Business Education
2.  Department of Educational Foundations
MEd; PhD, with the following areas of specialization:
i)  Educational Management and Planning
ii)  Philosophy of Education
iii)   History and Policy of Education
iv) Sociology of Education
v)    Curriculum and Instruction
vi)     Educational Technology
vii)   Adult Education and Community Studies
viii)  Educational Measurement and Evaluation
ix)  Guidance and Counselling
3.  Department of Science and Technical Education
MSc; PhD
a)  Agricultural Education, with the following options:
i)  Administration
ii)  Community Development
iii)  Agricultural Resources and Environment
b)  Science Education, with the following options:
i)    Biology Education
ii)    Chemistry Education
iii)    Physics Education
iv)    Mathematics Education
c)  Technical Education, with the following options:
i)  Building Technology
ii)    Electrical/Electronic Technology
iii)  Mechanical Technology
PGDTE/PGDE (Full-time and Sandwich)
a)   Postgraduate Diploma in Technical Education (PGDTE)
b)  Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE)
c)  The following Master’s Degrees are available as Sandwich programmes only:
i)  M.Ed. in Adult Education
ii)  MSc in Agricultural Education
iii)  MSc/M.Ed in Business Education
iv)  M.Ed. in Educational Management and Planning
v)  M.Ed. in Guidance and Counselling
vi)  MSc in Technical Education
vii)  M.Ed. in Measurement and Evaluation
viii)  MSc in Science Education
ix)  M.Ed. in Educational Technology
x)  M.Ed. in Women Development and Community Studies
xi)  M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction
d)    Doctor of Philosophy (Sandwich Only):
All of the Institute’s Master’s degrees are available at PhD level, as Sandwich programmes only.
NOTE:SANDWICH  PROGRAMMES  in  the  lnstitute’s  Master’s  degrees  and Postgraduate Diplomas  will  run  during  the  long  vacation  (25TH JULY  -30TH SEPTEMBER, 2017).
a)  Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in:-
i)  Social Studies
ii)  Local Government Administration
b)  Master of Science degree (MSc):
i)   Social Work and Gender Studies
ii)  English Language and Communication Studies
iii)  Philosophy
iv)  Public Administration
v)    History and International Relations
vi)    Peace and Conflict Management Studies
a)   MPhil. and PhD, Environmental Management (Full-time Only).

The  following  Postgraduate  Diplomas  and  degrees  are  available  as  full-time  and
part-time programmes:
i)  PGD in Transport Planning
ii)  PGD in Supply Chain and Logistics Planning
iii)  M.Sc. in Transport Planning
iv)  M.Sc. in Supply Chain and Logistics Planning
v)  PhD in Transport Planning
vi)  PhD in Supply Chain Planning
i)    M.Sc in Shipping Management (Part-time, weekends only)
ii)   M.Sc in Maritime Transport Technology (Part-time, weekends only)
Applicants  with  the  qualifications  in  the  underlisted  categories  shall  be  eligible  for admission into the postgraduate programmes;  however, candidates must  also  fulfill  the matriculation requirements  of  Rivers  State  University  of  Science  and  Technology, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt.
i)  Holders of at least a Third Class Degree in the subject area applied for or a Second Class (Lower  Division)  degree  in  a  related  discipline,  obtained  from  the  Rivers  State University of Science and Technology or any  other recognized institution of  equivalent status.
ii)  Holders of  Higher National Diploma (HND) with at least lower credit classification or its equivalent in a related discipline, obtained from a recognized institution.
iii)  For Faculty of Engineering, candidates must be holders of  at least  a Third Class or Pass degree in a related discipline from a recognized institution.
iv)  Candidates for PGD in the Department of Electrical Engineering must be holders of a B.Sc. or B.Tech. degree in Electrical or Computer Engineering; Physics with Electronics
or Computer Science.
v)  Candidates  for  PGD  in  the  Department  of  Marine  Engineering  must  be  holders  of  a Second  Class  degree  in  Mechanical  or  Agricultural  Engineering;  Third  Class  or  Pass 9 degree in Marine Engineering and Upper Credit in Higher National Certificate in Marine or Mechanical Engineering.
vi)  Candidates for PGD in Surveying and Geomatics must be holders of either:
(a)   Third Class B.Sc/B.Tech degree in Surveying;
(b)    B.Sc/B.Tech  in  disciplines  cognate  to  Surveying  and  Geomatics ,  e.g. Mathematics, Physics,  Computer  Science,  Geography  (with  Mathematics Courses),  etc.,  obtained from Rivers State University of Science and Technology or any other recognised University;
(c)    Higher  National  Diploma  (HND,  Upper  Credit  minimum)  from  a  recognized institution may  also  be  considered.    Holders  of  HND  (Lower  Credit)  with  a minimum  of  five  (5)  years  post-qualification  relevant  experience  may  be considered. However, such candidates must enrol for and pass prescribed remedial courses in Surveying and Geomatics.
vii)  Candidates  for  the  Postgraduate  Diploma  in  Education  (PGDE)  must  be  holders  of  a Third Class degree in the Arts, Sciences  or Social Sciences from an approved university or  Holders of a Higher National Diploma with Credit/Merit pass in the relevant teaching subject.
viii)  Applicants  for  the  Postgraduate  Diploma  in  Technical  Education  (PGDTE)  must  be holders  of  a  Third  Class  degree  in  any  technical  discipline  awarded  by  a  recognized university.
ix)  Applicants  for  the  PGD  programme  in  Social  Studies  and  Local  Government
Administration must possess a good Bachelor’s degree  or HND Upper Credit in related
areas other than Political/Public Administration.
x)  Applicants for the PGD in  Transport Planning and PGD in Supply Chain and Logistics
Planning must possess the following:
(a)   B.Sc./B.Tech. (Third Class minimum)  from Rivers State University of Science and Technology  or  any  other  recognized  University  in  relevant  disciplines  such  as Urban  and  Regional  Planning,  Transport  Management,  Marine  Engineering, Business Administration, Environmental Sciences, etc.
(b)  HND or its equivalent (with at least an Upper Credit).
(c)  Holders  of  recognized  professional  qualifications  in  Logistics/Transport,  e.g. Chartered  Institute  of  Logistics  and  Transport  (CILT);  Institute  of  Transport Engineers;  Institute  of  Transport  Administration  and  others,  with  at  least  5  years working experience in a transport or related organization.
i)  A candidate seeking admission into the Full-time/Part-time Master’s degree programme
must  possess  a  Bachelor’s  degree  with  at  least  Second  Class  Lower  Division  in  the
relevant discipline.
ii)  A candidate who holds PGD, PGDE,  PGDTE  in the relevant discipline  or an equivalent Diploma  (in  Maritime  Transport,  Marine  Engineering  or  Nautical  Studies,  Master Mariner, Marine Engineers Class 1)  with CGPA of 3.50 or above (on a five-point grade system) may apply for the Master’s Programmes.
iii)  Candidates for MSc in Surveying and Geomatics must be holders of either:
(a)    B.Sc/B.Tech  in    Surveying and Geomatics  degree with at least 2nd Class Lower
Division  or  equivalent   from  the  Rivers  State  University  of  Science  and Technology or any other approved University;
(b)  B.Sc  degree  (Second  Class  Lower  minimum)  in  subjects  cognate  to  Surveying such as Mathematics, Engineering, Physics or Geography (with Mathematics) and, in addition, a Postgraduate Diploma (PGD) in Surveying and Geomatics at a pass level equivalent to the CGPA of 3.0 and above on a 5 -point scale obtained from the Rivers State University of Science and Technology;
(c)Higher  National  Diploma  (HND)  Upper  Credit  minimum  from  a  recognized institution may also be considered. Holders   of the HND with Lower Credit with a  minimum  of  five  (5)  years  post-qualification  relevant  experience  may  be considered. However, such candidates must enrol for and pass prescribed remedial courses in Surveying and Geomatics.
iv)  Candidates  for  the  M.Ed.  degree  programmes  offered  in  the  Faculty  of  Technical  and Science Education/Institute of Education should possess
a good Bachelor’s degree (not lower than Second Class  Lower  Division) in a relevant teaching subject
Higher  National  Diploma  or  its  equivalent  with  at  least  lower  credit  classification  in addition to PGDE or PGDTE with a CGPA of 3.50 obtained from this University or any other recognized institution.
v)  Candidates for the programme in Social Work and Gender Studies must possess a  first degree  in  any  discipline  with  not  less  than  Second  Class  Lower  division.  A  PGD  in Social Studies will be an added advantage.
vi)  Candidates for admission into  the programme in English Language and Communication Studies require a first degree with  at least Second Class  Lower Division in Language, Literature, Linguistics or any other related discipline. A PGD in Social Studies would be an added advantage.
vii)  Candidates for the programme in Philosophy are required to have obtained a first degree with  at  least  Second  Class  Lower  Division  in  Philosophy.  A  PGD  in  Social  Studies would be beneficial.
viii)  Candidates  for  the  M.Sc  Transport  Planning  and  M.Sc  Supply  Chain  and  Logistics Planning  must have a PGD in Transport and Logistics Studies  (with a minimum CGPA of  3.0  on  a  5-point  grade  system)  or  B.Sc./B.Tech.  degrees(Second  Class  Lower minimum)  in  Urban  and  Regional  Planning,  Civil  Engineering,  Marine  Engineering, Management Sciences, Environmental Sciences and disciplines related to these.
A candidate for a PhD programme shall:
j)  Possess a Master’s degree with a CGPA of 3.50 or above, on a five-point grade system, in  a  relevant  discipline,  obtained  from  the  Rivers  State  University  of  Science  and Technology or any other recognized institution of higher learning of equivalent status.
ii)  Candidates for  PhD  in  Surveying and Geomatics must have an  M.Sc  in Surveying  and
Geomatics degree with a CGPA of 3.5 on a 5-point scale or 60% weighted average from Rivers State University of Science and Technology  or any other institution of equivalent status.
iii)  Present himself or herself for a qualifying interview, if need be.
D. Holders of Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degrees can only  be considered for admission into the relevant Master of Science (M.Sc.) programmes   related to their first degrees.
No  person  shall  be  admitted  to  a  programme  unless  his/her  application  has  been approved  by the  Postgraduate  School  Board  on  behalf  of  Senate  and  on  the recommendation of the appropriate Faculty Committee.
Note: In addition to the conditions above, a candidate may be required to present himself/herself for a selection test and/or oral interview.
2.1  The full-time Postgraduate Diploma programmes run for  two  semesters  (minimum) and four semesters (maximum) with or without project writing. 
2.2  The  full-time  Postgraduate  Diploma  programme  in  Engineering  runs  for  a  duration  of four semesters (minimum) and six semesters (maximum) with project.
2.3  The full-time Postgraduate Diploma programme in Transport Planning and Logistics and Supply  Chain  Planning  runs  for  three  semesters  (minimum)  and  four  semesters
2.4  The part-time Postgraduate Diploma programme  in Surveying and Geomatics  runs  for four semesters (minimum) and six semesters (maximum).
2.5  The  full-time  Master’s  degree  programme  with  dissertation  is  structured  to  last  for  a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters.
2.6  The full-time Master’s degree programme with dissertation in Faculty of Engineering is structured to last for a minimum of four semesters and a maximum of six semesters.
2.7  The  full-time  Master’s degree programme  in  Surveying  and  Geomatics runs  for  three semesters (minimum) and six semesters (maximum).
2.8  The  part-time  Master’s  degree  programme  in  Surveying  and  Geomatics  run s  for  four semesters (minimum) and eight semesters (maximum).
2.9  The  full-time  Master’s  degree  programme  in  Transport  Planning  and  Logistics  and Supply  Chain  Planning  will  run  for  four  semesters  (minimum)  and  five  semesters (maximum).
2.10  The  full–time  Doctor  of  Philosophy  (PhD)  programmes  with  thesis  runs  for  sixsemesters (minimum) and eight semesters (maximum).
2.11  The part-time Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programme in Surveying and Geomatics runs for eight semesters (minimum) and ten semesters (maximum).
2.12  Part-time  study,  specifically  to  be  undertaken  at  weekends   only,  is  available  for  the
programmes  in  Shipping  Management  and  Maritime  Transport  Technology  for  six semesters (minimum) and eight semesters (maximum).
2.13  Part-time  study  in  Faculty  of  Engineering  is  available  for  PhD  programmes  only  and
runs for ten semesters (minimum) and twelve semesters (maximum).
2.14  Unless otherwise stated, part-time studies  in any Faculty,  where it is available,  will  take
twice  the  duration  allowed  for  the  corresponding  full-time  programmes.   Such     parttime  PhD  programmes  will  last  for  ten  semesters  (minimum)  and  twelve  semesters (maximum).
2.15  The  sandwich  Postgraduate  Diploma  programmes  in  Education  run  for  a  minimum
duration of two long vacations and a maximum of four long vacations.
2.16  The sandwich Master’s programmes with dissertation in Education run for a minimum
duration of three long vacations and maximum of six long vacations.
2.17  The sandwich Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) programmes with thesis in Education run for
a minimum duration of six long vacations and a maximum of twelve long vacations.
Applications  for  admission  to  any  postgraduate  programme  shall  be  made  on-line  by logging  onto  and  making  an  e-payment  of  thirty  thousand  naira (N30,000.00) only, using interswitch verve  -  enabled cards. Application forms should be  completed  on-line, downloaded  and  hard  copies  submitted  to  the  Secretary, Postgraduate School along with the following:
i)   Photocopies of Certificates.
ii)  Certified academic transcripts. (It is the responsibility of applicants to ensure that copies  of  their  academic  transcripts  are  forwarded  under  confidential  cover directly  to  The  Secretary, Postgraduate  School,  Rivers  State  University  of Science and Technology, Nkpolu-Oroworukwo, Port Harcourt).
iii)  Letter of reference from  three referees, including one from a  previous academic institution, stating that applicant is qualified to undertake advanced studies and research and that he (the Referee) is confident that the applicant will benefit fromthe training.
For PhD applicants, brief research proposals on their intended areas of study should also accompany the application forms.
The  deadline  for submission  of  applications  on-line  and  at  the  Postgraduate  School  is 29th July, 2016.
D. C. Odimabo (Mrs.)

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