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EBSU 2016 List Of Sanctioned/Expelled Students For Examination Irregularities Published

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The  Ebonyi  State  University  Senate,  after  due  consideration  of  various  Examination misconduct cases relating to Bio 252 (Introductory  Genetics) brought before it, approved a variety of sanctions, as well as the publication of the list of concerned students as follows:


These students who are expelled permanently from the University for acts of Grievous Examination Misconducts are not to be seen in EBSU.


1  Chima, Abraham Nnamdi  EBSU/2011/60487  Applied Biology
2  Ngwuta, Rita Lovina  EBSU/2011/60514  Applied Biology

B.  Suspension Cases:

These students are suspended from the University for various years and are to, in addition;
(i)  Fail the concerned course(s) and,
(ii)  Stay away from the University for the period of suspension and only apply to the Registrar for re-admission when their suspension tenures end.

(B1) Those Suspended For Three (3) Years From 2014/2015 And Failure In The

Affected Course(S)


1  Nkwegu Cynthia  EBSU/2011/60760  Biotechnology
2  Ayama, Abel EP  EBSU/2009/52054  Applied Microbiology
3  Ozoagu, Nancy Adaku  EBSU/2010/53544  Applied Microbiology
4  Njoku, Nnennaya Jane  EBSU/2010/53649  Applied Microbiology
5  Osakwe, Linda O.  EBSU/2013/67718  Applied Microbiology
6  Nwali, Theophilus Ogechukwu  EBSU/2010/57537  Applied Microbiology
7  Ogbonnaya, Ozoeme Lana  EBSU/2011/60658  Applied Microbiology
8  Chukwuebuka, Edeh Daniel  EBSU/2011/60709  Applied Microbiology
9  Umunnakwe, Oluchi Prudence  EBSU/2011/60733  Applied Microbiology
10  Nwali, Chukwuka Sampson  EBSU/2011/61580  Applied Microbiology
11  Chukwu, Thompson Oko  EBSU/2013/67714  Applied Microbiology
12  Okeke, Roseline O.  EBSU/2013/67720  Applied Microbiology
13  Njoku, Chidiebere Victor  EBSU/2013/67721  AppliedMicrobiology
14  Nwadike Henry Chijioke  EBSU/2013/67723  Applied Microbiology
15  Chukwuemeka, Christian N.  EBSU/2013/67728  Applied Microbiology
16  Ali, Samuel Eze  EBSU/2013/67730  Applied Microbiology
17  Ivoke, Cletus Kelechukwu  EBSU/2013/67739  AppliedMicrobiology
18  Alor, Chukwunonso Eze  EBSU/2013/67746  Applied Microbiology
19  Ogbodo, Kelechi Solomon  EBSU/2013/67755  Applied Microbiology
20  Nomeh, Daniel Chukwunonso  EBSU/2013/67756  Applied Microbiology
21  Nwuga, Ugochi B.  EBSU/2013/67758  Applied Microbiology
22  Nwafor, Nnenna Clara  EBSU/2013/67762  Applied Microbiology
23  Orji, Nneka Mary Jane  EBSU/2013/67763  Applied Microbiology
24  Umoke, Blessing  EBSU/2013/67768  Applied Microbiology
25  Isaiah, Glory Nkiru  EBSU/2013/67769  Applied Microbiology
26  Ezekiel, Gift Chinenye  EBSU/2013/67776  Applied Microbiology
27  Onele, Tobechi Stella  EBSU/2013/67791  Applied Microbiology
28  Okoro, Peace Chioma  EBSU/2013/67794  Applied Microbiology
29  Akuma, Chimaobi  EBSU/2013/67795  Applied Microbiology
30  Ugbala, Simeon A.  EBSU/2013/67796  Applied Microbiology
31  Okonkwo, Juliet Ifunanya  EBSU/2013/67798  AppliedMicrobiology
32  Okonkwo, Lecticia  EBSU/2013/67799  Applied Microbiology
33  Egede. Chizoba  EBSU/2013/67800  Applied Microbiology
34  Nwokporo, Emeka Jeremiah  EBSU/2013/67805  AppliedMicrobiology
35  Okoye, Chioma Anastasia  EBSU/2013/67807  Applied Microbiology
36  Njoku, Solomon Okwudili  EBSU/2013/67808  Applied Microbiology
37  Nwogwu, Chukwuemeka Samuel  EBSU/2013/67811  Applied Microbiology
38  Ulebe, Chukwuebuka Junior  EBSU/2013/67813  Applied Microbiology
39  Okoroafor, Abel M.  EBSU/2013/67814  Applied Microbiology
40  Madu, Amarachi Chigazu  EBSU/2013/67821  Applied Microbiology
41  Emmanuel, Donatus E.  EBSU/2013/67834  Applied Microbiology
42  Elem, Solomon Caleb  EBSU/2013/67837  Applied Microbiology
43  Okorie, Obinna Friday  EBSU/2013/67839  Applied Microbiology
44  Iganga, Blessing  EBSU/2013/67841  Applied Microbiology
45  Inya, Akanele Patricial  EBSU/2013/67844  Applied Microbiology
46  Nweke, Obinna Isaac  EBSU/2013/67845  Applied Microbiology
47  Eze, Rita Nnemeka  EBSU/2013/67854  Applied Microbiology
48  Amadi, Peace Onyinyechi  EBSU/2013/70277  Applied Microbiology
49  Obasi, Ogbonnaya  EBSU/2013/70283  Applied Microbiology
50  Chike, Chibudom Gift  EBSU/2013/70307  Applied Microbiology
51  Otti, Gloria C.  EBSU/2014/71149  Applied Microbiology
52  Akpotolor, Felix  EBSU/2013/57396  Applied Microbiology
53  Ezeh, Amuche Esther  EBSU/2011/60730  Applied Microbiology
54  Ogbu, Udochukwu Priscar  EBSU/2011/57521  Applied Biology
55  Obidike, Celestina Chiebube  EBSU/2011/60492  Applied Biology
56  Nduka, Assumpta Chinaecherem  EBSU/2011/61402  Applied Biology
57  Marizu, Confidence Ezinne  EBSU/2011/61406  Applied Biology
58  Odoh, Bartholomew Ifeanyichukwu  EBSU/2013/67625  Applied Biology
59  Eze, Julia Chizoba  EBSU/2013/67634  Applied Biology
60  Nwibo, Queendarline Chinyere  EBSU/2013/67637  Applied Biology
61  Nwibo, Chikaodiri Blessing  EBSU/2013/67639  Applied Biology
62  Eworo, Udochukwu  EBSU/2013/67643  Applied Biology
63  Nwovu, Uchechukwu Pascal  EBSU/2013/67648  AppliedBiology
64  Ogor, Chibueze Shedrack  EBSU/2013/67651  Applied Biology
65  Ugama, Precious Ifeoma  EBSU/2013/67654  Applied Biology
66  Mbam, Ifesinachi E.  EBSU/2013/67667  Applied Biology
67  Ede, Odo Ndubuisi  EBSU/2013/67681  Applied Biology
68  Emeri, Hope C.  EBSU/2013/67683  Applied Biology
69  Nweke, Amarachi  EBSU/2013/67686  Applied Biology
70  Nwusulor, Chukwuebuka Felix  EBSU/2013/67689  Applied Biology
71  Emeli, Kamtochukwu B.  EBSU/2013/67691  Applied Biology
72  Odo, Solomon Ogayi  EBSU/2013/67692  Applied Biology
73  Ogba, Naomi Chichetaram  EBSU/2013/70294  Applied Biology
74  Austin, Nnoko Enoch  EBSU/2013/70303  Applied Biology
75  Nwabunike, Chidalu Maryjane  EBSU/2011/60550  Biochemistry
76  Ikeh, Florence Ogechi  EBSU/2011/60619  Biochemistry
77  Ujogu, Obinna Timothy  EBSU/2011/1378  Biochemistry
78  Anyigor, Angela Mmesonma  EBSU/2011/58537  ScienceEducation
79  Nwefuru, Martha C.  EBSU/2012/63088  Science Education
80  Nweke, Boniface Emmanuel  EBSU/2011/60775  Biotechnology
81  Njoku, Abigail Ifesinachi  EBSU/2011/60778  Biotechnology
82  Nwaji, Innocent Chukwuebuka  EBSU/2011/60786  Biotechnology
83  Oko, Saviour Udo  EBSU/2013/67855  Biotechnology
84  Nwenyim, Simeon Chibueze  EBSU/2013/67858  Biotechnology
85  Onwe, Chukwuma  EBSU/2013/67886  Biotechnology
86  Nwachukwu Thelma Ogechi  EBSU/2013/67888  Biotechnology
87  Okechukwu, Onyinyechi Mercy  EBSU/2013/67899  Biotechnology
88  Ajah, Mary Onyinyechi  EBSU/2013/67905  Biotechnology
89  Ogbogu, Okechukwu N.  EBSU/2013/67907  Biotechnology
90  Unegbu, Immaculata Amarachi  EBSU/2013/67908  Biotechnology
91  Ugwuta, Uzoamaka Veronica  EBSU/2013/67909  Biotechnology
92  Obasi, Stella Nwachukwu  EBSU/2013/67919  Biotechnology
93  Nwankwo, Favour  EBSU/2013/67920  Biotechnology
94  Agbo, Romanus  EBSU/2013/67923  Biotechnology
95  Onwuenwunor, Emmanuel O.  EBSU/2013/70301  Biotechnology
96  Okolo, Chidimma  EBSU/2013/670860  Biotechnology
97  Nebolisa Odinaka  EBSU/2013/67911  Biotechnology
98  Obinna, Frank Chinonso  EBSU/2013/67948  Biotechnology
99  Nwankwo, Sunday Peter  EBSU/2013/67951  Biotechnology
100  Akoani, Chisom Perpetual  EBSU/2013/67960  Biotechnology
101  Douglas Alex  EBSU/2013/70296  Biotechnology
102  Ngwe, Chinwe J.  EBSU/2013/70297  Biotechnology
103  Ijewa, Onyinye Precious  EBSU/2013/70298  Biotechnology
104  Ogbeche, Agabi Nlaunire  EBSU/2010/53751  Biochemistry

(B2) Those Suspended for One (1) YearAnd Failure In The Affected Course(S)

1  Okeh, Oforbuike  EBSU/2011/60727  Applied Biology
2  Ejike, James Alumuka  EBSU/2013/67848  Applied Biology
3  Omah, Ifeanyichukwu Joseph  EBSU/2013/67645  Applied Biology

(C) Those To Fail the Concerned Exam:

These students are to fail the concerned Examination(s) and are therefore required to register /retake the affected course(s).



1  Mgboh, Chinwendu S.  EBSU/2013/67638  Applied Biology
2  Umeh, Augustine Nkemakonam  EBSU/2013/67635  Applied Biology
3  Nwefuru, Joy Akunna  EBSU/2013/67690  Applied Biology
4  Nwosu, Chisom Calista  EBSU/2013/70291  Applied Biology
5  Obasi, Chukwudi A.  EBSU/2013/70292  Applied Biology
6  Ogeh, Henry Ekene  EBSU/2010/53826  Biochemistry
7  Nwakpa, Ifeanyi Anthony  EBSU/2011/60642  Biochemistry
8  Nwomeh, Okechukwu Ewenyi  EBSU/2011/60651  Biochemistry
9  Ogbuabor, Forster Amandi  EBSU/2011/61374  Biochemistry
10  Obasi, Chinwe Nwaji  EBSU/2011/58504  Education
11  Aziga, Ogobuchi Prudent  EBSU/2011/58545  Education
12  Ekeh, Cynthia Chinyere  EBSU/2011/58547  Education
13  Igwe, Loveth  EBSU/2012/63088  Education
14  Okoro, Marbel C.  EBSU/2012/63096  Education
15  Oko, Hannah Idam  EBSU/2012/63107  Education
16  Okike, Chioma Kezaiah  EBSU/2012/63269  Education
17  Igwe, Abigaii Chinenye  EBSU/2012/63271  Education
18  Ucha, Ndubuisi Jonathan  EBSU/2013/68243  Education
19  Mbam Sabina Egoyibo  EBSU/2013/68256  Education
20  Nwofe, Lucy Lynda  EBSU/2014/72585  Education
21  Orogbo, Andrew Chukwuma  EBSU/2014/72595  Education
22  Oko, Saviour Udo  EBSU/2013/67855  Biotechnology
23  Obasi, Rosemary  EBSU/2013/67867  Biotechnology
24  Ofere Choice Faith  EBSU/2013/67937  Biotechnology
25  Obasi Peter Lawrence  EBSU/2013/67939  Biotechnology
26  Unachukwu, Ukamaka Rita  EBSU/2010/57094  Applied Microbiology
27  Agu, Joseph Nwodom  EBSU/2010/57096  Applied Microbiology
28  Odo, Chikadibia Agatha  EBSU/2010/57366  Applied Microbiology
29  Peter, Patience Nkechi  EBSU/2011/60662  Applied Microbiology
30  Nnaji, Ogechi Favour  EBSU/2011/60663  Applied Microbiology
31  Nweke, Onuabuchi Okpara  EBSU/2011/60689  Applied Microbiology
32  Chukwu, Bassey Uchechukwu  EBSU/2011/60699  Applied Microbiology
33  Oguji, Patience  EBSU/2011/60708  Applied Microbiology
34  Akataobi, Linna Uzoamaka  EBSU/2011/61365  Applied Microbiology
35  Okoli, Ubamsinachi  EBSU/2011/61370  Applied Microbiology
36  Chukwu, Nwinyinya Moses  EBSU/2011/61578  Applied Microbiology
37  Aniagboso, Chibuzo Kingsley  EBSU/2011/61584  AppliedMicrobiology
38  Nyah, Oku-Abasi Etim  EBSU/2013/67737  Applied Microbiology
39  Ogiji, Joshua Chukwuebuka  EBSU/2013/67743  Applied Microbiology
40  Obasi, Onyekachi Anastesia  EBSU/2013/67753  Applied Microbiology
41  Oyibe, Chidimma Esther  EBSU/2013/67760  Applied Microbiology
42  Nwachukwu, Chinwendu P.  EBSU/2013/67779  Applied Microbiology
43  Ayamuo, Ifesinachi Anthony  EBSU/2013/67781  Applied Microbiology
44  Enu, Immaculeta Eberechukwu  EBSU/2013/67784  AppliedMicrobiology
45  Igwe, Chiamaka Divine  EBSU/2013/67786  Applied Microbiology
46  Emmanuel, Donatus E.  EBSU/2013/67834  Applied Microbiology
47  Amadi, Peace Onyinyechi  EBSU/2013/70277  Applied Microbiology
48  Nwankwo, Chinonso Lynda  EBSU/2013/67850  Applied Microbiology
49  Nwoba, Chidimma Sylvia  EBSU/2011/60723  Applied Microbiology

(D) A Student Tried And Exonerated


1  Uguru, Charles Malachy
EBSU/ 2011/60627   Biochemistry
The concerned parents and general public are please to note the foregoing information and necessary action please.

Dr. Sam N. Egwu

Registrar/Secretary to Council.

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